Spring 2019 Beauty Opener

With Alex Isley

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In full bloom of the new season, bright fun fashion and natural beauty are all the rage in this new “Glossier” generation we’re living in. Since many of us (including our team) have opted to going for more ‘barely-there’ makeup with dashes and pops of color, we wanted to talk about showing off your own flawless (or *flawfull) beauty. That’s truly the epitome of our darling Rebel, singer/songwriter and composer/producer extraordinaire, Alex Isley. You all might remember we found out much more about her exquisite artistry last year when she was featured as our FIRST digital cover girl.

Special Spring Beauty Opener cover — April 2019

Now, she’s back with us to play RM “Catch-Up” while rocking some of the sweetest beauty looks for this 2019 Spring season. Isley knows how woefully important it is to have some form of beauty in this world, not just in makeup or fashion but also in sound and vision: the reason she entitled her double EP ‘The Beauty of Everything,’ (‘TBOE’). Set to release the upcoming second half (Part II) on May 3rd, she expressed excitement and renewed focus during our quick chat.

Alex Isley is wearing a denim button up blouse by Banana Republic and shimmer stripped skirt by Top Shop earrings by BaubleBar.

Part I of the project was filled with slow burner & mid-tempo tracks about love, beauty, and life in between; Part II will fulfill the songstress’ commitment to embarking onward with faith and fearlessness. Isley’s music always evokes a heavy sense of indulgent, soulful expression and allows the listener to create a sonic mural of color waves. It’s saucy and free yet, very vocally precise. Much like being an artist with a family legacy in The Isley Brothers, Alex Isley’s overall honeyed vocal abilities came without trying—not given to her but shared through her.

“What we can expect from TBOE, Part II?”
“New vibes and more tracks,” she told us. Not to mention, there are some really cool things up her sleeve (spoken about off-the-record) that she’ll be announcing/revealing soon enough, from who she’s been working with to where we can look out for her next. All that we can say for now is that she will be amongst the few and highly favored singers accompanying Kanye West for his Sunday Church Service at Coachella, Weekend II (April 19th- April 21st)—!!!

We’ll definitely be streaming it LIVE in some kind of way on that Sunday morning, ok?! Until then, there’s much more in store for one of our favorite Rebels and we can’t wait to see where she’ll take us next.

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