REVISIT— AfroPunk Festival 2018— A Confectionery of Beauty, Style and Blackness
Fashion Designer and Model Shabaka
Jheyda McGarrell

**This story was originally published on August 27th, 2018.**

We had to skip AfroPunk ‘19 this year 😪 since, we’re currently deep in our rebranding endeavors. Though, it’s a great time to look back at last years beautiful, captivating images; captured by photographer Jheyda Mc Garrell for us. Trust us as, it will be well worth the wait for what’s in store! Plus, we’re sure that AfroPunk 2020 will be a movie! Until then, you can reminisce with us below.**

Every year the alternative beauty looks and street style of the Afro Punk Festival in Brooklyn, surpasses the previous one; while the Commodore Barry Park plays host to a carnival of culture. As its grounds are filled with a confectionery account of color, vivid and unique beauty aesthetics of eclectic embellishments and individuality that’s powerful and ballsy─ a revolutionary cultural statement of unconventional blackness that reveals a rebellion like no other festival has ever produced.

This year was no different with a performance roster of artist that solidify the alternative on a mass scale including, Janelle Monáe, Miguel and Tyler the Creator to name a few. While, the festival grounds became a call to action through the goers personal styles and in overall splendor of how the Black experience and exploration in America continues to evolve majestically and THRIVE.

Photographs captured by |JHEYDA MCGARRELL for Rebel Muse