Gucci Resort 2019 is ‘60s Acid Rock Meets Your 21st Century Bubbe

Gucci is always provides a sense of controlled chaos. With recent collections that seem “all over the place” yet, make serious sense in the direction they continue to go. Allowing us all to visualize a multifaceted palette of look du jours that anyone can where anyway. The pieces are made to be layered absurdly compiled for a rock ‘n’ roll super star or an audaciously styled widow visiting her lovers grave per, creative director Alessandro Michelle…

 “Widows attending grave sites, kids playing rock ’n’ roll stars, and ladies who aren’t ladies.” Christian Lacroix, the great Arlesian couturier, painted in another part of the Alyscamps background, telling the story of how his grandfather had played in the cemetery, sleeping among the graves as a teen dare one night, “and he swore he saw a lady in white.” –Vogue

The runway is moody, decadent and filled with mysterious youthful luxury, continuing the trend it’s been on since Michelle joined Gucci. The collection is filled with brightly colored top coats, vibrant neon lace nylons, dazzling jacquard suit jackets and pants, whimsical silk frocks in electric green, two-toned monochromatic sunglasses and lots of chunky vintage jewelry inspiring us all to raid our grandmothers costume jewelry boxes.