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Your Chief Pop, Style and✨Glow✨ Provider of Everything Young Women Rebel Over.

Rebel Muse™ is an independently owned website, multimedia platform and company was established in 2013 and founded by two sisters (Ziggi & Aja). Who felt that there was a void in the fashion, beauty and cultural aspect of the publishing arena from their point of view.

“We weren’t seeing the people, images, visuals and stories that we were most interested in reading about and indulging in as often, as we’d like to. Therefore, our love for the medium drew us to create something to fill that space.” 

So lives Rebel Muse



Providing beautiful stories, content and visuals from the people we adore and who you should know more about. With an focused intent on discovery, illumination and cultural relevance.  







Detailing colors, textures and silhouettes, bending the fashion world; that are created every season. The moments that deserve to be seen and cannot be denied.








Sharing dreamy glows, hair goals and self-care pros for your woes while, enlightening your beauty inside and out.






Electric Avenue

(Coming soon)

A revolving interactive media Shangri-La of the people, places and things we love and think you should love too! Oh! It’s also our little home for the coolest street styles, latest music tracks and visuals that make our exclusive weekly wrap-up.






Our multimedia platform, the future digital quarterly’s and printed magazine was created with the intention to deliver an overall complete guide and direct go-to for the young women; with ambition, style, intelligence and creativity. Much like you, we love strong female figures that exude their bold personalities every day in everything they do! We’re working to become a long standing media brand and unique culture that resonates with the young woman, who is confident in herself and does not conform in any way, an individual… a pure Rebel.

Please Note: We’re in the midst of re-branding and refocusing our beautiful platform. This page is to be used only as an overview of what’s to come. We appreciate your patience and consideration. See you soon!

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